June 2016

Today Mr Hockey-Hat Trick passed away. Empowered Living Services has happy thoughts and prayers for the Howe family and the many people Gordie Howe touched.

How did he touch them?

As many people who have stated with condolences and for the generations he touched – Gordie Howe was, is and always Mr Hockey. A kind and caring person who seemed to live in the moment and was comfortable by his stardom and fame. Gordie Howe was the kind of person who would open the door for you. Instructed in the simplest/best of terms.

Simply he was a star, kind hearted and down to earth human being. Colleen Howe was also a gem. Colleen passed in 2009. The Howes were truly an idealistic pair. With this passing it is tough now as it was in 2009. No doubt Mrs Howe found her sole mate and backed him up when he had to give a good elbow. And let him know otherwise.

I will never forget the summers I was able to share with Colleen, Gordie, Mark and Marty. No doubt the Howe family with the wisdom Gordie shared will be passed down for many generations to come.

A person and a human being like Gordie should never be forgotten as if you bumped into Mr Hockey on the street you would had no idea. Therefore it wasn’t the stature and statistics that made the man it was Gordie being simply who he was that created the stats.

By being so giving and down to earth we feel that Mr Hockey having passed today shall never be forgotten.

Let his natural nature, true leadership and sometimes the cauliflower elbows for when you need a strict hockey style elbow inspire you.

Hockey fan or not, understanding the whole complexity that Mr Howe showed in simplicity. You are encouraged to learn more about Mr Hockey and carry his legend forward. Right handed or left, straight blade or curved- Mr Hockey rest in peace, thank you for being simply who you were.

I personally could not write a long enough message for the respect and consideration Gordie Howe deserves. I hope that I have summarized a message worthy enough of understanding and the starting of a grasp of how was.

May you Colleen and the rest of the Howe clan, extended family, fans, Canadians and people around the world find solace in the presence of being loved by such a great person.

With Gordie you knew it was simply love and may he rest in peace. Gone yet never forgotten, Gordie Howe, Mr Hockey, human being=Gordie Howe

Thank you.