January 2015

Welcome 2015! January is here and spring is in the air. Or around the corner somewhere. Personally I find January refreshing and exciting. It reminds me of refocus, new focus or maintaining focus. Therefore I would like to discuss New Year’s resolutions. As a goal planner, planning my goals and assisting others to goal plan is of great importance for me and the individuals that come to me for guidance. Lots of times plans or resolutions do not come to fruition. Many books have been written about this subject. What helps me personally is to zero in on the positive and not engage in the what if’s. Not sure if you’ve noticed or maybe in your head you were thinking it as you were reading. The word fail has not been used until now. Some words are worth eliminating from our vocabulary and the dreaded f word ending with l is one of them. Whether you are new to goal planning or are a seasoned goal planner here are some tips to help you achieve your 2015 New Year’s resolution.

-Pick a positive goal.
-Visualize yourself being successful and visualize the end result.
-Give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve your goal.
-Enrol people in your life to support you and help you be accountable as you work towards achieving the goal.
-And never give up sometimes we have to reset recalculate and retry. Persistence pays off.
-Share and celebrate the small victories.
-Do not be afraid to ask for help.