February 2015

Welcome February! Spring is no doubt in the air. Did the ground hog see its shadow? That doesn’t seem to apply out west does it?

For February’s blog lets discuss attraction and relationships aka love. Often the thought of love is a compelling topic. For the diverse┬ácommunity it can be a topic left alone depending on the environment. I like Dave Hingsburger’s books written about this subject. Why is this topic of love left left alone? Some words that come to mind are fear, consent, safety, potential outcomes and so on. Undoubtedly the feeling of love to be loved and want love is a common thread that all people share. Similar to hunger, cold, acceptance, happiness or simply being human. Over the years I have certainly observed awesome tales of love and the longing of the loveless. My war stories aside, here are some suggestions to inclusive love.

1. Respect individuals rights to relationships

2. Stay non judgemental.

2. Knowledge is power.

3. Identify the fears and counter them with solutions.

4. The more one puts oneself in situations to develop relationships your opportunities increase.

5. Rethink policy if policy has not changed.

6. Don’t forget the dialogue.

May Cupid and February be lovely for everyone. March see you soon.