April 2015 -Memories-

Spring is here!  Did we have a winter?  Soon it will be Summer.  This summer Empowered Living Services will be hosting a variety of summer camps.  The summer camps were created to facilitate positive experiences and create lasting memories.  What stands out for most people is the summers with the special outings.  The camps are inclusive to all ages and abilities.  The mentors and support staff have been hand selected to meet if not exceed the Empowered Living Services standards. Contact us today with any questions and to sign up.  Also spreading the summer camp message is greatly appreciate.  We are and will continue to work hard and send as many kids to camp as possible.  Sponsorships are also being accepted.

I have heard the expression that a picture tells a thousand words.  Also true to the memories, captured as pictures, in our minds that stand the test of time of which even words cannot touch.

Have an awesome April!