Providing Career Services, Workshops, Behavioural Intervention and Respite Services for All Ages and All Abilities

Company Vision

By providing person-centred services for all ages and abilities, Empowered Living Services will empower everyone to reach their goals and live a happy, rewarding and meaningful life.

Service Area

Empowered Living Services' main service area is North Vancouver to Hope. We provide consulting services throughout British Columbia.

Mission Statement

We will develop strong, compatible relationships with all individuals and put meaningful supports in place that will give you the foundation to achieve your desired results.


The Empowered Living Services vision, values and unique environment attract professional staff in all areas, ranging from psychologists, trainers, facilitators, social workers, community support workers and employment specialists. Empowered Living Services provides modern support in a compatible and empowering environment. Empowered Living Services staff look at behaviour as communication and provide person-centred supports.

About the Director

tyler Since 2000, Tyler has supported and mentored children, teenagers and adults from various cultures with differing abilities and needs. He demonstrates strong leadership skills and is a calm, intuitive, and gentle natured person that people are naturally drawn to. His passion and professionalism, combined with his ability to put people naturally at ease are big reasons why Tyler is able to empower people to get the results they are seeking in life. Tyler started his career in 2000 through working in residential group homes supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. He worked his way to Residential Coordinator in just two years. In 2004, Tyler decided that it was time to pursue his dream of traveling; because of this Tyler has become quite a seasoned traveler, having traveled to 20+ countries. From 2004-2007, Tyler resided and worked in China as an ESL teacher, teaching pre-school to college ages. Upon arriving back in Canada in 2007, Tyler started to facilitate industrial safety training in Langley. Early in the Spring of 2009, Tyler was invited to Turkey to instruct at Beykent University in Istanbul. While in Turkey, he also provided private consultation for families who had children with disabilities. After the contract finished late in 2009, Tyler returned to Western Canada to continue providing the facilitation of industrial safety training. strongarm In 2010, Tyler made his return to disability services, providing outreach, community inclusion, skill development, and employment services. Tyler quickly developed a reputation for getting noticeable positive results particularly in employment services where a placement rate of 75% has been achieved. Due to these positive results in 2013, Tyler was offered a position at a Work BC employment center as a job developer and facilitator of life skills workshops for disability services. He stayed with Work BC until he became the Director for Empowered Living Services.